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Themed Tours
Themed Tours
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Doca Tours also puts together the most popular travel topics for you. On the culinary journey through Uzbekistan, you can get to know the wonderful world of Uzbek cuisine and its secrets. During the trip to the archaeological monuments of Uzbekistan you have an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and culture of the country. On the agricultural tour, you will visit not only the cultural treasures but also one of the big cotton factories, various agricultural cooperatives with grain, vegetables, fruit and livestock. During the "Pilgrimage" to Uzbekistan you will visit especially the Sufi pilgrimage places of the country. With our attractive theme tours you will find everything a traveler's heart desires!
Active Tours
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The active tours of DOCA TOURS are for nature lovers the best opportunity to discover the most beautiful sides of the nature of Uzbekistan and Central Asia.
High mountains, small and large mountain lakes, steppes and deserts. Central Asia offers very different natural spaces, which we roam with you on foot, by car and by train. In doing so, we inevitably go to areas that are still underdeveloped in terms of alpinism and tourism. This gives us wonderful moments with all the senses, but also requires endurance and robust character from the participants, especially as we will not consistently meet European standards. Although sweat and effort are part of trekking, DOCA Active Tours are not about competitive sports: we always take a break in the famous oases of Central Asia and walk relaxed through Samarkand, Bukhara or Khiva.
Cultural Tours
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Architecture, literature, philosophy, but also the culinary peculiarities of Uzbek cuisine and not least the "Way of Life" as a whole are an expression of the culture of a country. In the course of its history, Central Asia has taken on very different cultural influences that can still be perceived today (see, taste, hear, smell, feel): from the East Chinese influences entered the region, from the South Indian, Persian and later influences of Islam. From the North and West European modernity finally reached Central Asia via the Russian Empire.
Cultural tours provide local references to historical data, facts and legends and embed them in a broader cultural context. With DOCA TOURS cultural tours, you will visit important sites and cultural history on the Central Asian Silk Road and with the help of the tour guide you will trace their continued existence and role in people's everyday lives.
Special Tours
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You are looking for something very special, unique? Then a special tour from DOCA TOURS that will take you to the most beautiful events and destinations in Uzbekistan and Central Asia, could be just right for you. Characteristic of such a tour is that it includes a visit to an outstanding festival or event in Uzbekistan, like an important national holiday is celebrated during the trip.
DOCA TOURS provides you exclusive travel offers, also individually organized for you or for a group. Take the opportunity and experience with us a very special travel adventure.
Central Asia Tours
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A journey through interesting countries like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan is a wonderful combination in Central Asia. The major transshipment centers of many great empires have always been the caravanserais, as we find them in the major trading cities along the ancient Silk Road. The old trading houses in the territories of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are among the most beautiful buildings in Central Asia. On this trip you will enjoy the everyday life in Central Asia, the active life in the Central Asian cities and the nomadic life of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, which takes place in the vast expanse of nature.
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