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Lindau on Lake Constance

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The island- and garden-town with a Mediterranean flair on the Bavarian Riviera

A crystal-clear lake, mountains – often snow-capped – in the background, green rolling hills nearby and a historic island with unrivalled charm in the middle – Lindau is acclaimed for its particularly picturesque ambience and splendid harbour entrance. As well as boasting a Mediterranean flair, the island- and garden-town offers the perfect ingredients for a relaxing break from everyday life, combining urban liveliness with recreation and enjoyment of nature in a southern atmosphere.

Located on the eastern shore of Lake Constance in the tri-border region of Austria, Germany and Switzerland is an island just barely 70 hectares large: Lindau on Lake Constance – the second-largest island in the lake dubbed the ‘Swabian Sea’, and south-western-most town in Bavaria. Whereas the old town with about 3,000 inhabitants is completely surrounded by water, Lindau on the mainland – home to some 22,000 more residents – stretches over a twelve-kilometre distance along the lakeshore.

A storied, vibrant island-town

With its bustling squares and winding alleys, the town’s historic centre on the island exudes a special charm – from Maximilianstrasse, Lindau’s high street lined with patrician mansions to the Old Town Hall boasting an elaborately painted façade to the famous Lindau harbour entrance behind which a stunning panorama of the Alps and Lake Constance unfolds. But there is much more to be discovered in Lindau beyond the classic sights: quaint buildings and lovely shops – places where old and new blend into an authentic mix. 

Swimming, paddling and sailing on Lake Constance  

In summer the surrounding lidos extend an invitation to swim or cool off in Lake Constance. A special tip, for example, is the Lindenhofbad lido in the Bad Schachen district of Lindau. On the island itself, depending on the water level, a number of narrow shingle beaches provide enticing opportunities for a refreshing dip as well. Besides bathing and swimming, there are many other ways to enjoy life on water: why not take in the tranquillity and vast expanse of Lake Constance during a canoeing or stand-up paddling tour, escape from everyday life on a motor or sailboat or explore the tri-border region from the water during a panoramic boat trip?

Cycling through orchards and picnicking in expansive parks

Lindau is surrounded by rolling hills revealing a unique panoramic view of Lake Constance and the Alps. Be it on a leisurely bicycle ride or a hike – discovering the back country with its typical apple orchards and meadows is an experience for all five senses not to be missed. For the breaks in between wine and fruit growers serve tasty home-grown fare at the seasonal inns on their own premises known as ‘Rädlewirtschaften’. But Lindau’s gardens and parks offer a particularly relaxing ambience as well – for bathing, picnicking, jogging, strolling, or just for plain pleasure. Particularly the Lindenhofpark along the Bavarian Riviera, a section of the lakeshore lined with picturesque villas, impresses many visitors with its spaciousness, magnificent trees and view of Lindau’s old town in Lake Constance.

Classical Modern Art, Marionette Opera, Bregenz Festival and more 

Lindau’s attractions are complemented by a cultural offering that boasts amazing variety. During the past few years the Lindau Stadtmuseum (Town Museum), for instance, located in one of the most splendid baroque buildings on Lake Constance, regularly hosted exhibitions of the works of top-class painters of the Classical Modern Art. Another unique experience is the Lindau Marionette Opera where Bernhard Leismüller and his team make elaborately handcrafted puppets dance gracefully to the music. A wide variety of concerts, theatrical performances, small-scale theatre and cabaret events can be found at numerous venues as well. And, last but not least, there is the nearby Bregenz Festival, a classic cultural event par excellence, which amazes countless visitors with its performances on the world’s largest floating stage for five weeks between July and August every year. 

Enjoyment of culinary delights on Lindau’s Lake Constance

Culinary delights are part of enjoying a holiday in Lindau. In the evening, the town’s charming restaurants invite visitors to end the day on the island on a note that tickles the palate. Many restaurateurs value the special quality of the region’s products pampering their patrons with the best their neighbours have to offer – from Lake Constance and the Allgäu in Bavaria, from Vorarlberg in Austria or from the Swiss Appenzeller Land for example. Additionally, numerous special events fitting the theme of the autumn as a time of harvest and culinary enjoyment are held during the ‘Genussherbst am Lindauer Bodensee’, an autumn food festival held from 12 to 26 October 2019. At that time, the participating restaurants will serve extraordinary delicacies such as roast venison with a cider sauce, apple-gin soup or apple-elder blossom tiramisu.
Lindau Island (Foto: Hari Pulko | Lindau Tourism)
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