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Learn to juggle & team games - as a company event or birthday party
Juggling ball set including instructions in a cotton bag - € 19.90
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Three juggling balls including juggling instructions, packed in a cotton bag. Thanks to the best workmanship, the balls are of first class quality and lie very well in the hand. Ideally suited for both beginners and advanced. In addition to the 36-page juggling instructions (15 exercises for the left and right hand with one and two balls in order to throw and catch three balls in an amazingly short time), there is another brochure included: "The third and fourth Dropping "(20 pages). The booklet gives tips for correct and incorrect throwing, how to count, where the elbows are not better, why eye level is so important and much more. - This second brochure is therefore a supplement to the juggling instructions. Fair price: € 19.90 instead of € 23.60
Learn to juggle & team games - as a company event or birthday party
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Juggling is effective brain training for both: children and adults. Whether as a birthday party or as a company or departmental event, this workshop format is ideal. The customer decides whether the participants have 90 minutes, 2 or 3 hours of fun together. All are instructed in the art of 3-ball juggling, provided with basic knowledge "How does the brain learn?" And team games are tried out. Depending on the group of participants and the occasion, the brain topics are adjusted accordingly. No previous knowledge of juggling is required.

Price per part for adults: 1.5 hours - 30.00 € / 2 hours - 35.00 € / 3 hours - 40.00 €
Price per child for children: 1.5 hours - 20.00 € / 2 hours - 25.00 € / 3 hours 30.00 €
Snack per meal = € 8.00
Learn to juggle in a team - customer or employee event
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Juggling fascinated. Actually always and everyone. This program can be carried out for any number of participants (5, 50, 500 or 1,500) and can be used very flexibly in terms of time (3x 10 min., 2x 20 min., 1x 60 min.). Juggling can be easily integrated as a prelude, in the middle or at the end of a conference. During juggling, special content (motivation, uncertainty / change, success / stress, team spirit, customer orientation, etc.) is often associated with a lasting effect. With Stephan Ehlers
you can learn to juggle 3 balls in just a few minutes. Stephan Ehlers holds the world record in juggling learning. Among other things, he learned from 445 bank employees at the same time (!) Juggling in just 30 minutes or 119 in 10 minutes! The press and TV reported about it.
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